How to uninstall From the Computer is yet another browser hijacker that appears to be legitimate one to the computer users but they fails to recognise it until it frustrates them with its bogus and poor search results. It is distributed as bundle with software downloaded and installed from malicious sites, by visiting suspicious sites, junk email attachments and so on. After its infiltration in the computer it modifies the homepage, search engines and new URL tabs without users’ permission. It sets ‘http://site.address’ into Target property so, that whenever the user run the browser, they will be redirected to , an annoying web-site. Also this hijacker installs add-ons, extensions and modules which will display ads and pop-ups. It uses HTTP and session cookies, as well as it can read browsing history to generate advertisements according to users’ interests. can attack all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer and others also.

Moreover, can have severe impacts on the PC as it can open backdoor for many other harmful malware infections like Trojans, worms, adware, ransomware, as it can destroy the system security and firewall and can also make the PC accessible to remote hackers. It adds Registry keys in Windows to boot up with the OS and start a background service to execute its operations. Even it can spy on user’s important and confidential details like passwords of social media, bank account details, credit card details, IP addresses and many other such details which are shared with third parties. Even it may irritate the user by flooding lot of unwanted ads on the browser window. Due to the installation of its associate applications users are not able to revert the changes made in the browser setting this is because it uses Windows services which place back the changes when they are detected to be cleaned.

Presence of can diminish your browsing experience and it can also bring ill impacts on the computer so it is better to avoid such problems and remove it without any delay.